B&G Advertising Inc. Reviews: Life is Not a Stopwatch, It is a Compass

B&G Advertising Inc. Reviews: Life is Not a Stopwatch, It is a Compass

At B&G Advertising Inc. we value time. Many people say time is money, this is true — the essence of time is valuable because we don’t have unlimited amounts. However, life and time are not a stopwatch. We believe that life symbolizes a compass. No matter where you are that compass should always help you lead yourself in the right direction. “We truly believe that life is not like a stopwatch. You can’t time everything and assume that you will be where you are forever. Life for us is like a compass, and as long as you know where you’re going, in the right direction you will be fine,” says B&G Advertising Inc.

Looking at life as a compass shows that you value your goals. At B&G Advertising Inc. we appreciate direction and goals. They go together hand-in-hand. Most of your intentions come from a deep place of passion and along with that passion, you should also understand that each of your goals has a compass attached to it. When the time is right, and when the place is right, that compass will lead you towards achievements. “We often think that everything is going to happen as we plan it. But life is just constant; it doesn’t stop or consider things in a nugget of time, life is always moving,” says B&G Advertising Inc.

We also believe that just like a compass, it takes a bit of figuring out on what direction we should go. Most times it’s always forward and on the up, sometimes life will take you on a different route to teach you something that might be of value for something else. No matter what the case is, your life should always be like a compass. As long as you head in the right direction, stay true to your goals — you will always find your way.

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