B&G Advertising Inc. Shares: Why Chicago?

B&G Advertising Inc. Shares: Why Chicago?

Chicago is known to be one of the strongest and economically vibrant cities. The Windy City, as we call it, has the most prominent names and industries right here at our home. There is a certain vibe that Chicago gives us that is unlike any other city. That energy helps flow the hustle and bustle of business-minded individuals, goal oriented people, and energetic entrepreneurs. We’ve chosen Chicago as a spot for B&G Advertising Inc. due to the vibrant business atmosphere, the most significant benefit of maintaining a business in this city is that specific energy. “We believe that there’s that hustle found in workers in Chicago that adds to the competitive nature we’re looking for. This also helps us thrive in a competitive market because we’re adding on individuals that are like-minded and thriving to reach their potential,” says Brandon Graham, managing director of B&G Advertising Inc.

Another great aspect of opening a business in Chicago is that we meet individuals that are goal oriented. The millennials and young professional individuals are instantly attracted to the city’s vibe. Being surrounded by creativity helps them feel creative as well, and majority people love being amongst the hustle and bustle that the city provides. According to The Chicago Tribune, they write “Downtown areas are easy to get to, both for clients and workers. Keeping an office downtown means an easier commute, which keeps employees happy and energized. There are also lots of options for lunch and places to take clients out after work. When you’re working in the middle of a busy city, it’s natural to meet and network with other entrepreneurs more frequently. A dedicated office means you can also host meetings, so you get the collaborations without the commute.”

Lastly, we love that Chicago is innovative. B&G Advertising Inc. believes the innovation is the pinnacle of new ideas and successful ventures. Being a city where creativity is natural and being part of a community that believes in success portrays that we’re allowing ourselves the chance to be with something ambitious and great. “By surrounding ourselves with like-minded go-getters, we’re building an empire one day at a time. We take pride in our company, and we know that Chicago is the place to help it thrive,” says Brandon Graham of B&G Advertising

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