We are the leaders in customer acquisitions in Chicago, and we pride ourselves on the development of our unique campaigns strengthening our relationship with our clients. Our goal is to become the fastest growing, independently owned outsourced events, and promotions company in the United States. We focus on experiential marketing establishing the experience of our client’s product or service straight to the consumer.


We start each campaign by determining the client’s Unique Selling Point (USP) for their product or service. From there we research and identify the most effective way to get their product or service into a new market. We aim to expand to 15 new locations between Chicago and the East Coast and open up locations internationally within the next five years.


How do we do this? By committing to guarantee results as a team to the client; delivering the best we can offer and continually improving the quality through the proven effective strategies in our field. We respect all people; we value the differences among them and deal with customers in a way that they want to be dealt with. This requires us to discover potential customer’s needs and feelings and provide them with a solution unique to them.