Our Skills

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense for companies to invest in a new brick and mortar storefront shop. Especially with the upfront cost like front signage, expensive ad and tv campaigns, and the process of hiring in-house sales. So we’ve created a way for companies to test out the effectiveness of their products or services without the upfront cost and the risk of profit loss.


We provide the FASTEST most cost-efficient way to reach new customers. We acquire high value, high retention customers quickly and efficiently using a customer acquisition model that is dedicated to our client’s bottom line.


We are very successful at leaving a positive impression on the customer. It Is hard to ignore a smiling face where it is not so hard to easily disregard a television campaign, flyer, or Billboard. Making the impact that much more effective. We know that even if we don’t bring the customer directly to the client today, an effect is created leading to customers in the future for our client.


They value our form of marketing because B&G Advertising Inc. customer acquisitions are face-to-face, allowing our team to personally demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ products and services. This creates a Domino effect: increasing customers, increasing retention, and a decrease in customer attrition. Providing measurable results for our clients.